The world is powered by Energy

The Earth is the most important thing that humans have. Here they live, create families and bring up future generations. It is very important - with the growth the world's populations do not forget to care about the environment, so that new generations can continue to enjoy life on our Green Planet.

The most important sources for today human life are such energy resources as oil, gas, water, nuclear, solar and thermal energy, and others. Mostly the manufacturing processes are almost impossible without the energy. Electricity is one of the most popular and convenient energy sources for all of us today.

The technologies development and improving of people's level of being requires the raising of produced electricity, cause its consumption is also raising. At the same time, rather huge quantity of produced electricity is wasted due the peculiarities of its consumption, such as day and night periods, peak hours of loads or the periods of consumption absence. In this case the logical question is – how to receive the necessary electricity quantity in any place and at the right time? We can use energy Conservation and its storage, - Energy Storage.

So, how it works? In the nearest future it will be as purchasing a printer cartridge. For example, you have a printer, and if you need to print any document or photo – you need to buy a cartridge. Very soon it will be possible for your power module to purchase the “energy cartridge” at your nearest supermarket or webstore, - Energy Store. For example: cartridge with Hydrogen, - why not???

MENA region has really great nature sources for development of technologies for renewable energy, such as solar PV panels, biogas stations, thermal power stations and others. The foundation of Storenergy FZCO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was determined exactly by these factors. We offer our own innovative solutions: Solar Freezers, Thermoelectric Generators - which make efficient use of solar energy not in the daytime only, but at night or during cloudy, accumulated pre-heated coolant in thermoses. Also in cooperation with its official partners Storenergy FZCO offers: Hydro turbines and power generators, PV Grid-tied Inverters, Biogas stations and Pyrolysis systems for waste utilization into electricity, fertilize and light diesel.

Storenergy FZCO holds its own elaborations of highly efficient systems for energy storage and its generate at the right time.

Our main advantages and goals are:

  1. Energy accumulation, its storage and generation is 100% eco-friendly process, without using of rechargeable batteries, chemical or other noxious substances.
  2. For storage of accumulated energy we use special modules with a great source and more than 10 years life time.
  3. Our goal is to reach the high efficiency of electricity reproduction, up to 87-95%.
  4. We use high-tech standard components and spare parts of world famous brands: Siemens, Parker, Bosh, Alfa-Laval etc.
  5. High quality, reliability, modular parts and mechanisms, allows to get an easy and simple maintenance service with its low cost.
  6. We strive to achieve high cost-effectively level, so to buy our systems is profitable for everyone.

Currently undergoing testing of all parts of the system equipment will allow us to introduce it to one of the thematic exhibitions in Dubai.
The international team of Storenergy FZCO is ready to help anyone who is interested in implementing joint projects in the UAE and Middle East regions. We have the ability to attract very powerful private investors and we are open to all interested who are ready to act.

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